Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stu's Video Mothership

It's Stu's Video Mothership! 
These are in rough chronological order 
from about 2005 to present...

                       Building a Fire (LIVE)

Memphis (In a Two Seat Plane)

              Come to Caroline

             Persephone (LIVE) 

            Everyone is You 

              LIVE on FOX News! 

            Didn’t Know You Then 

             Hearts Don't Lie

               Ways of Nature

                 Long Ride 

                Sleeping Dog 

             Love and Affection 

Grow the Garden

Lay You Down


How Do You Do It? 

Under the Stars

Don't Worry 

Stronger Than That

Lacy Girl

              Alive Again (LIVE)

Shake it Down (Dance All Day Version)

Shake it Down (LIVE REMIX)

Voodoo Thing (Dance All Day Version)

     Voodoo Thing (with Donna the Buffalo)

    You Can Do It (with Donna the Buffalo)

         Birds (Were Like a Symphony)

Birds (LIVE in Asheville, NC)

          You Need to be Danced With 

            These Things Take Time