Thursday, September 29, 2016

Human Brotherhood and the Gift of the Moment

When I was at the Gas Station earlier, as I
opened my door, the song "Everyday People"
by Sly and the Family Stone kicked off at the
exact moment that my foot hit the pavement.
I thought, "so this is what it's like to have a
soundtrack to my life". As I strolled toward
the entrance, Sly sailed into the chorus, and
as if in slow motion, everyone got into the act,
grooving and dancing through the doorway,
and giving each other high fives. Soon, everyone
was gyrating, shimmying, clapping their hands,
and smiling in the ecstasy of human brotherhood
and the gift of the moment. As the overhead camera
pulled away, people could be seen dancing at all of
the pumps, and all around the RaceTrac (Registered
Trade Mark) Fueling Station, where you can earn
rewards every time you fill up with the Fleet Fuel
Savings program. Register for a RaceTrac Card today,
and receive a Free Small Coffee and Fresh Doughnut
with your next Fill-Up (Restrictions Apply). This
message brought to you by RaceTrac Fueling
Stations, Atlanta, GA, Karl Bolsh, Jr, CEO.

Meat Grinder

it’s not just about trying to bring them a
little bit of joy and a break from the grind,
the grinder temporarily unplugged and
the hum of death briefly silenced. no,
it’s also about helping them break their
programming, and change the story that
they tell themselves. To slightly nudge

those stories they tell to themselves about
themselves, because the lies they’ve been
told since the day they were born get repeated,
and lead to sickness, and bad decisions, and
people end up in a cold, bloody room with a
meat grinder, one that just got plugged
back in after a nice, shiny sharpening.