Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Prince and the Color Purple

In the aftermath of the world draping itself in purple to honor Prince’s passing, I’m inspired to share some thoughts. A couple of weeks before the death of Prince, I had a realization about the color purple, and the symbolism behind its blending of the two primary colors blue and red.



Since ancient times, the sciences known today as  Tarot/Occultism/Hermeticism/Alchemy, have attached meaning to those colors thusly: Blue is like water. It can represent emotion, romantic love, receptivity, nurturing, and intuition. It is associated with the Moon and the ocean, from the deep, dark depths to the changing tides. 

Red is like flame. It can represent blazing sexual 
lust, drive and forward thrust, new ideas and 
creativity, and intelligence in the form of wit, discernment, and mental acumen. And despite the 
blue and pink hospital motif for babies, the Occult 
world matches blue with the feminine and red 
with the masculine. 


Prince made it abundantly clear that he was heavily influenced by the Occult, and that he 
understood ancient symbolism. Thus, he was 
aware of the symbolism behind colors, and was aware of the long history of the color purple in particular (purple was adopted by many royal families, for example). 


So, knowing what we know of the symbolism, 
we can begin to see Prince's thought process. Like so many Occultists before him, he wished to combine the best of masculinity and femininity. On the masculine side, as defined by Occultism, he had a ferocious drive, endless creativity, extreme intelligence, and explosive
sexuality. On the feminine side, he had an undefinable mystery. He had intuition, the capacity for empathy, and a deep love. He was emotional, and a master of controlling and expressing his emotions. 

All people possess both feminine and masculine 
energies, and all people are capable of manifesting them for either good or ill. Prince chose to manifest the best of both polarities for a positive purpose, which in the end is the goal of any spiritual master. However, unlike most, Prince actually manifested his attempt to balance and combine exceptional masculine and feminine qualities physically. Thus, he was both male and female outwardly. He actually manifested 
the masculine and feminine through decidedly male 
and female qualities. He was among the first to employ andogyny in American popular culture, and this is much more than just a gimmick or an expression of bisexuality. It's an expression of the balance in his spirituality.  

For me, it manifested in a shopping trip in which I sought out a purple tie, socks, and shirt. When I posted a pic of my new ensemble, many friends commented that purple is my best color. It was then and there that I decided I would adopt the color purple going forward as much as possible. Then, sadly, I heard the news. But, amazingly, there I was, ready to go, dressed in purple from head to toe. So now, the purple that I wear takes on a new layer of meaning, as it reminds me of another seeker; a kindred spirit whose footsteps are still fresh on the path before me.