Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)

There's a fine-tooth comb inside the piano
at Maison Bourbon. Legend has it that it's
been there since 1902, when it inspired
Hughie Cannon to write the early Jazz song

"Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home)".

"Won't you come home, Bill Bailey,
won't you come home?",
she moaned the whole night long.
"I'll do the cookin', honey, I'll pay the rent.
I know I done you wrong".

"I remember that rainy evenin'
I threw you out, with nothin' but a fine-tooth comb.
I know I'm to blame, now... ain't it a shame?
Bill Bailey, won't you please come home?"


Monday, March 7, 2016

LIVE Solo Piano Vids

Here are a few new solo piano videos,
recorded at Mahogany Jazz Hall in the 
French Quarter. Enjoy! 

Blue Skies - LIVE  

C'est si Bon - LIVE  

Shynola Jazz Band

Lately I've been playing with a band 
called the Shynola Jazz Band, Sundays 
and Tuesdays at Maison Bourbon, 4-7. 
Here are a few vids, with me on lead 
vocals on the second one. 

The band features Jams Marotta on Drums, 
Doyle Cooper on Trumpet and Vocals, 
Christopher Johnson on Sax, 
and Devon Taylor on Sousaphone.  

Gospel Medley - Shynola Jazz Band  

New Orleans (Carmichael) - Shynola Jazz Band   

Do You Know What it Means - Shynola Jazz Band


Emily Estrella


One of the great experiences I've had while living 
and performing in New Orleans has been collaborating 
with singer/songwriter/dancer Emily Estrella. Although 
her latest chapter in New Orleans was far too short, 
and came to an end in early 2016, we did a great deal with 
our time together. She now resides in New York City.

I helped Emily record an EP while she was in town, 
playing piano, B3 Organ, and Rhodes. I also arranged 
the first track on the EP, titled "Old New France". 
The project was recorded at Word of Mouth Studios
in Algiers, LA. 

Emily's band, The Fauxbarrio Five, in which I played piano,
held a regular slot at 21st Amendment on Iberville St. 
in the French Quarter throughout 2015. Here are 
a few vids captured at one of our last shows there. 

Wishing Emily all the best in the Big Apple!  

Big Pine Blues - Emily Estrella & the Fauxbarrio Five

Lulu's Back in Town - Emily Estrella & the Fauxbarrio Five 

Sweet Georgia Brown - Emily Estrella & the Fauxbarrio Five

The Birds Were Like a Symphony

Here are the links for my newest release
It's available for download at iTunes and Amazon only for only 99 cents!

iTunes - The Birds Were Like a Symphony 

Amazon - The Birds Were Like a Symphony

Check out the video here!

YouTube - The Birds Were Like a Symphony